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Career in MBA after graduation

Finally, all hard work, struggling with books, project works, vivas, minimum sleep hours is over and now it’s the time to celebrate with a grand party. But what will be after that? This is the main question which will give a drastic change in your life, it is a big question that what to do after graduation?

MBA an ideal decision for a brilliant career

An MBA if taken as a career will be very beneficial as it develops both proficiency and understanding in every sector mainly in finance. The career in MBA after graduation will pick up the pace across a number of industries and it can also wave higher salaries too. MBA not only provide you with more power in attaining a better balance between work and life outside it. In today’s commercial surroundings degree in MBA is the biggest belongings you can have, it opens all the windows of success and brings you to that position by which you can easily access to power. The higher you go the more you have to be responsible, you can’t meet the expense of to make wrong decisions at all. Really it is worth studying MBA and opens the doors for various fields. This degree is not limited to business management but also work in various sectors such as marketing, education, human resource etc.


Benefits of being MBA

There are many advantages of opting MBA as a career especially when it is a top business school with a good reputation and high standards. These are the key reasons why to choose MBA as career

  •        Maximum salary

In comparison to the employees with a regular master, qualification MBA graduate has a higher salary. It is almost twice as much of what anybody can expect to earn with a normal degree.

  •        Enhanced career options

This is a side by side advantage which goes parallel with the above one and also the key cause of the first one. MBA graduates because of their superior qualification have privileged of obtaining a high-level management position. And as high is position high will be the salary.

  •        Improved strengthened business grid

MBA students have greater business networking prospect, as many universities permit you to interact with higher and knowledgeable professionals that have much field familiarity.

  •        Gaining innovative awareness and proficiency

MBA education provides you with the innovative knowledge to improve your career and after some time you will automatically learn how to deal with innovative and most up-to-date issues.

Top jobs prospect after MBA

After doing MBA you will gradually open various doors and windows for your career

  •        Jobs available with banks, insurance companies
  •        Investment banking
  •        Management consultants and a problem solver
  •        Entrepreneurship

How MBA differs from PGDM?

Confused between MBA  and PGDM course? Both these courses provide you best career options in your future. Most of the students are in dilemma that whether to choose masters or diploma or which one has a good career life. To increase your confusion some business schools claims that MBA and PGDM are equivalent. In order to know the difference you should first know what is MBA and PGDM individually. Then you can easily get to understand how MBA is different from PGDM.

What is MBA?

MBA stands for masters of business administration. It is always preferred to have an master's degree after bachelor's degree. MBA is preferred over other master degrees since it is quite easy as compared to other master degrees. MBA is a two year programme affiliated by Indian universities and recognized by UGC. After MBA you certainly have a master's and bachelor's degree which are nowadays required by companies for jobs.

In MBA you learn about companies financial techniques, its marketing strategies and finance fields. MBA makes you creative and productive for a company's fruitful future. MBA degree helps you grab highest paying job. MBA has lots of benefits in it then let it be better position, better salary or better career scopes. You get to apply all the theories you learnt in real work situations. If you don't want to work you can even continue for higher studies after MBA. A list of benefits after MBA is given below-

  •        You get a Master's degree.
  •        For research line MBA degree is first preference.
  •        After Master's one can get better career option.
  •        It provides you a holistic view of study programme.
  •        No recognition problems since all the MBA offering colleges are approved by UGC.

·        MBA helps students in developing business and accounting skills.

What is PGDM?

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is said to be equivalent to MBA but its not a degree it is a diploma. PGDM is a two year course after which you can directly take admission into second year of MBA. Many of us ignore it because we see a diploma word used in it. In PGDM faculty members develops your "Senior level position" skills for a strong corporate career. In PGDM students are given an industrial exposure, you get to see and learn directly from the industrial members. PGDM are not affiliated to any universities but they are approved by AICTE. Studies of PGDM are almost same as that of MBA but in addition to theoretical subjects your job skills are also taken care and developed.

  •        PGDM has a flexible curriculum.
  •        It gives you specialization in the area of your interest.
  •        It focuses on your job skills as it is industry oriented.
  •        It gives you deep knowledge about business and management techniques followed by industries.

Dr. Kaimkar says, “If you have any MBA degree or PGDM certificate andno knowledge about them your degree and diploma as well will be considered as a mare piece of paper”. So study well as knowledge will decide who you are not that paper.



Significant way to judge the students skills through CAT and MAT Exams


CAT -certified qualification for well build foundation

CAT is for Certified Accounting technician and it offer a well-built foundation of awareness in finance and accounting. On achievement of the exams and all the practical work experience, Cat graduate can be capable of using CAT following their names and have the opportunity to join CAT alumni. Students study for this as an initial qualification in accountancy prior to training. It generally acquires one and a half years to complete the nine CAT exams with no limitations on the number of papers that can be attempted in every sitting.

 MAT- consistent test to evaluate potential

Management aptitude test is a uniform test being governed since 1988 to assist all business schools to screen candidates for admission in MBA and allied programs. It is approved by Govt of India as a national level test in 2003. All national and international B-schools can deem MAT score as an admission input based on marks issued to students. In simple words, MAT will be your passport to above 600 B-schools across India.

 Eligibility required for CAT 2016 exams

Before CAT application procedure students must make certain about their eligibility for the assessment

  •        Scholars with graduation degree in any discipline.
  •        Student’s eager to apply for CAT should have scored a minimum of 50% marks or correspondent CGPA .percentage is          reduced to 45% for reserved categories.
  •        Students studying in graduation final year can apply for this exam.

Eligibility required for MAT 2016 exams

Before applying for entrance exams students should know the eligibility criteria

  •        Students should be graduated from recognized institution or university.
  •        Students should have the degree correspondent to graduation from any recognized institution or university.
  •        Any undergraduate final year student can apply for this exam.
  •        Students who have applied earlier can again apply for MAT exams in 2016.
  •        Students should have50% minimum percentage in any graduation or any other degree equivalent to graduation.
  •        No work experience required to apply for this exam.
  •        No age limit is set for students to apply for exam.

About CAT and MAT exams 2016

Students applying for CAT and MAT Exams 2016 should now the difference between them which make the easier to decide. As CAT is a compulsory exam carry out by IIM’s. As it is a primary stage in the admission procedure to all IIM’s pursue by group discussions and interviews. All business schools consider the CAT marks as main eligibility criteria for joining up students in their management courses. MAT exams are entrance test for MBA and similar programs as PGDM. It is carried out four times in a year and is reviewed by B-grade schools in the country. As both, the tests are significant and appraise the potential of students by judging their vocal, arithmetical and logical writing skills.

MAT exam Date and related information

MAT exam Date-4th September 2016

Starting date of registration- July 2016

Exam date (computer Based) - 10 September 2016

Admit card release date- 27 august 2016


CAT exam dates and related information

Date of online application-8 august

Date to submit-22 September 2016

Admit card- 18 October 2016

CAT exam date 2016-4 December


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