How PGDM courses are changing the history of Management Studies in India

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We all are very obsessed about our qualification and degrees. And often ignore diploma courses because we prefer bachelors and masters degree and diploma sounds less pleasant to our ears. But we are here at colleglink to show you the other side of diploma courses. To make you understand that how and in what ways diploma is better than the rest of the degrees. In this article we will tell you about what are PGDM courses, how they differ from MBA, how PGDM course helps in your bright future and how PGDM courses is changing the history of management studies in India.

What is PGDM?

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. And we often ignore it by seeing the word diploma in it. It is a two year program equivalent to MBA and if you select one year PGDM course then you can directly join second year of MBA. In this way you will have a diploma and degree as well. This course is available in all the Best b-schools in India.  Not only best business schools but different colleges for PGDM are also available for you in each state. Mind set towards PGDM is changing slowly because it’s clearly seen that syllabus in both MBA and PGDM is similar to each other. Many say, MBA and PGDM both are same except of the fact that in PGDM you get Diploma and in MBA you get Masters Degree. But PGDM has lot more benefits than the MBA, the alumni of PGDM is placed in Multi National companies in India and abroad as well. For example, all the pass outs from PGDM colleges in Lucknow are well settled and are posted at high paying jobs. From northern most state to southernmost state, each state is equipped with one or more PGDM colleges with special features in particular fields.

How PGDM courses are different from MBA?

 MBA is a program which is completed from some central universities where as PGDM is completed from top institutes which is easily accepted by companies. These top institutes have a value of brand which makes it better than the MBA. When seen from the point of syllabus then both PGDM and MBA have same syllabus except for the fact that PGDM is a specialized study in the field of marketing. While MBA helps in making you understand the marketing skills and techniques whereas in top PGDM colleges you marketing skills are developed and you are taught all the tricks and techniques to be used in a company.

How PGDM courses are helping in bright future?

PGDM is totally related to marketing field and we are very familiar to this fact that marketing is a field which will never extinct. Marketing is used everywhere and the need of new employees never stop. And in PGDM you are only taught about marketing in theoretical as well as practical ways. Places like Gurgaon (newly known as Gurugram) and Bangalore are hub of industrialists and top PGDM colleges in Gurgaon and PGDM colleges in Bangalore are directly linked to the industries for trainings and industrial visits. After completion of the courses, industries pick up all the eligible students for their better future. Industrial visits are made by PGDM colleges for you to directly interact with the managers, industrialists and CEO’s. These visits are really helpful for you as they bring out the industrialists in you. As we already discussed that each PGDM college has its own specialty. PGDM colleges in Delhi are famous for placing their most students in foreign companies and rest in India’s top Multi National companies. Not only for placements but PGDM colleges in New Delhi are also famous for their 100% academic records. It is one of the finest and prestigious courses provided in over all India. As the Pune is one of the largest places with maximum population, talent over here is also vast towards marketing. Therefore maximum numbers of PGDM Colleges in Pune are set up to fulfill the requirement of colleges. It is always said that value of the degree lies in the institute, when you choose the best college for yourself your career is made open to large job opportunities from that time onwards. PGDM colleges in Chennai are famous for their multiple streams or fields and each field has specialized methods.

Most of the students want to get specialized in particular fields instead of cramming a two year theory program in marketing fields. Top b-schools in Navi Mumbai are famous for their special training session in various fields which help their students pass out as a quality managers or top class entrepreneurial. And PGDM colleges of Noida and PGDM colleges in Jaipur, both are linked to many top class industries for recruitment of their students directly. When choosing for an institute one must look up to brand value of that institute. It should be the first priority while checking for the best b schools in India. There are lots of fields in PGDM course to be chosen from. The colleges with maximum number of fields in PGDM are PGDM colleges in Indore. PGDM has grown a lot more than MBA and is very helpful in strengthening your industrial skills. You are taught all the techniques which can be helpful for your career in marketing.

PGDM colleges are also famous to teach on daily life incidents in the industries. Techniques and methods are developed to solve the problems in the industries. Your practical knowledge is properly taken off in PGDM especially when it comes to marketing, finance, accounting or HR fields. But in the end, when joining for job your degree or diploma will not be considered in front of your knowledge and this knowledge should be gained in all the possible ways from all the teachers, members or experienced faculty present at your program time.

As the saying goes, “Theoretical knowledge is only for college time, practical knowledge is for lifetime”..

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