Tuition in India- is a Multi dollar industry

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As the competition level among the students is growing, they don’t want to leave any stone unturned and because of this every parent want their child to go to tuition nowadays.  We can say that tuition in India is a multi-dollar industry and also is a great setback to the overall education system. Parents and students find it as a normal part of the studies, though it has been initiated by upper and middle class but now private tuitions are not the only limited to these sections only. Students have become much dependent on tuitions nowadays as we can see even nursery kids go for it to get prepared for the main school interviews. We can say that major reason behind the increasing tuition in India has gained so much importance as teachers do not teach well at schools and ask their students to have private tuitions from them after school time. Just because the tuitions fees are totally there, they put on many extra efforts on studies of the students.

Tuitions have become the way of making money

As tuitions are now inseparable from schools and we can say that education is not the transfer of knowledge but is money making method, as tuitions in India is a million dollar industry and a successful trade. Modern outlook of tuitions centre is the coaching centers and some have become so famous that they have their branches all across India. These coaching and tuition centers take full advantage of today’s competition and money making a scheme. By viewing the increasing trade of these tuition centers run by college teachers, the government have been passed rules that these teachers cannot take private tuitions and if they do so it is illegal on their part and will b taken harsh steps against them. But we think that it is impossible to uproot this problem as we don’t think that tuition is a problem but is an important part of schooling and education. The main drawback of this tuition system is that it is a great decline in the quality of education at schools  as parents and teachers both are now becoming totally dependent on the tuitions studies rather than on school

Be cautious of money making trade

Tuitions classes also demand higher money for training students for competitive exams and so we can say these tuition classes are a waste of money, time and energy as these classes demand high money and students have a much loss of time attending these classes. So we can say that tuitions are not necessary for the students as the teaching in schools are more sufficient and these tuitions create much workload for the children who are already pressurized by school work. In fact instead of going to tuitions students can revise at home and should try to be focused on self-study pattern which helps them a lot to save their time and money. It is nothing more than a trend nowadays and an opportunity to the teachers to earn much money for the similar task which they are already paid for by the schools and colleges.

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