Reason behind why IIT tripped in global ranking

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The main aim of the university global ranking is to assist students in getting them informed about the contrast of leading and reputed universities globally. It is based on six recital indicators, these rankings are planned to review universities in four areas which include education, employability, research, and internationalization. These includes many leading institutions from the US and virtually sixty other countries which are ranked based on 12 indicators that are focused on gauging their intellectual research performance and their global and regional status. Students can make use of these rankings to search higher education alternatives that exist beyond their own residential countries and are helpful to evaluate the chief facet of school research missions.

IIT lost ground in global ranking

IIT lost ground in the global ranking 2016-17. The only god information is that IIT madras has broken down into top 250 climbing up the five places in the list. This year ranking entail that position of investment is influencing who progresses and who regresses. Those institutions in the country that offer the high level of aimed endowment are rising at a great speed. The performance of Indian institutions in the current global ranking recommend that India is gaining some ground on its regional challenges. Massachusetts institute of technology has been ranked as the best university globally for the fifth successive year whereas India's highest ranked institution IIS Bangalore has been dropped out. The positions of nine out of ten Indian universities ranked 700 last year has been dropped tremendously this year.

Detail conversation on IIT and other Indian institutions ranking

Six IITs which includes Delhi, Kanpur, Bombay, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Bombay and Guwahati also slipped except IIT madras which has improved its position to break into global 250 universities. The main reason behind why IIT lose ground in global ranking according to head of research at QS intelligence unit is that Indian institutions lack the factors such as low numbers of Ph.D. qualified researchers and low international faculty ratio in comparison to others. It is noted that no Indian institution has been ranked above 700 for faculty ratiometric which measures the aptitude of universities to preserve the class sizes conductivity to the far above the ground quality teaching as this year’s ranking proposes Indian universities are still under pressure to provide both the quantity of quality faculty members essential to fulfilling growing student demand. The main reason behind the lost ground of IITs this year is that they join up only a slight gang of foreign students in post graduate and research programs and also have very diminutive international faculties. For example, IIT Delhi has only 1 percent of the size of an international faculty of its total coaching staff of 400 whereas MIT raised the highest rank with the 55 percent of the international staff of the total faculty. Our universities have many additional troubles such as ample staff and research amenities, very deprived libraries as many IITs are in service on the premises of their counterparts and some central universities

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