MBBS by private medical college– a most expensive degree nowadays

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Many students choose their career path in lower classes, as in India most appealing profession that any student’s dream is a doctor or an engineer, but many dreams shattered because of high medical fees structure of leading colleges. Students who aspire to study MBBS in private medical colleges have to face many obstacles which include very high competition, many rounds of entrance exams, the quota of seats reserved in government colleges under various groups and a very high fees structure. All medical colleges ask for capitalization fees except tuition and maintenance and the compulsory donations which every parent are bound to pay for their children dreams. For many students admission in the medical college to do an MBBS had been becoming a nightmare for them. Students scored 96 percent in state level and also did well in entrance exams are not able to get the admissions in leading colleges because of the capitalization fees which they can’t afford and it made impossible for them to get a seat in private colleges without paying the huge amount of money.
Unfair process of admission for MBBS
Capitalization fees vary from one college to another. As reputed colleges can command higher fees and fee get lower if students reserve their places by paying capitalization fees before the starting of admission procedure. There are very few cases that get into leading institutions of their choice totally on merit but many other students have to pay capitalization to secure their admission in the college or have to give up on their dream of a medical institution. Nowadays medical seats are sold in the country by taking capitalization fee in form of black money and the total fee charged is double of that fixed by the committee and nobody takes the action against any of the private colleges as all of them are charging students between seven lakh and ten lakh in a year.
MBBS degree is very expensive nowadays
An MBBS degree is very costly nowadays as private medical colleges are earning million and millions of Rs in the name of admission forms, preadmission tests, exorbitant admission and tuition fees and of course donations so we can easily say that MBBS in private college will cost you more. These private medical colleges lack behind the public colleges in terms of education facilities and some of them don’t even have an educated teaching faculty. All private universities and colleges across the country have started increasing the tuition fees for MBBS course. So we conclude that studying in private medical college is costly as they charge the students most while Govt colleges charge least so MBBS from the government college is the best as they established patience while mostly all private medical colleges are not good despite being very costly. It's really sad to say that colleges are ready to bend in seat allocation but not in fees concessions. In the leading college's student joining MBBS this year will end up to paying with 80 lakh for the 4 and a half year course. And many eligible students may still have to stay out of these colleges as they cannot afford the fee charged by these private colleges.

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