about us

Collegelink.in is an endeavor of Lakshya Education Guidance Point a booming organization from 2008 in the education sector. Nowadays there are, many open fields for students and it is tricky for them to formulate the ideal decision linked to their career. They have to be on an accurate path of education to accomplish their dream target as assembling right decisions can only assist students to fabricate and shape their dream career. There are numerous questions which come to the wits of students at each and every stage and to a decision of good and bad is a very complicated and time-consuming job.

Collegelink.in is an Education search engine

Today’s world cannot be imagined without search engines, there is no high school student who has not used the web search engine to get any information related to any topic or subject. Education Search engines are the information retrieval system which provides all information regarding education in each and every field. It supplies students with access to all related important information by directing them o link with related available resources on unlimited topics. These search engines are taking the place of libraries by given instant information by one click. A survey report states that 80% of information searches are undertaken by students to accomplish their information requests the same is reported by the faculty and other researchers.

Education search engines not only provide students the access to knowledge but help them in every step they desire and guide them with various important information. Search engines have the great impact on internet users by making information more accessible and reducing the time taken to locate information and making people more efficient. Many students and faculty accept that these education search engines play a major role in the education of students and are successful in helping them at each and every step.

College link is constantly making hard work to resolve the problems of students as it is an absolute education doorway in India for the whole education segment from play schools to higher education. It supplies each and every information about schools and colleges all over India to tender students helping hand to get all type of information at one click.

Services offered by Collegelink

  • Their services include online application forms for every school and college all over India, with date of form availability to the date of form submission
  • Updates linked with exams for example exam starting date, admit card availability date, full date sheet with extra helpful information’s
  • They provide facility to check the result of exams online without any confusion at a single click
  • They provide all information regarding availability of school dresses when and where you can easily get them with the prices
  • All information regarding entrance exams of various courses about which every student want to be updated on time.
  • They also provide the information regarding education loans, the schemes related to it, and how to link with them.

All these information are very effortlessly searched by using the college link search option, as with one click you will get all information under one roof. It has a full expertise team of staff and effort jointly with a range of education agents all over India to prop up students and parents to assist their children to choose what is best for them. They provide information regarding various coaching available regarding different courses. College link also shares information about different B.tech colleges and MBA colleges to students all over India.

Goal and mean of Collegelink.in

  • To allow the students to be familiar with all details regarding different schools and colleges all over India
  • They facilitate every student to fiddle with the curriculum
  • They bestow the secured information to every student and parents also regarding the desirability of schooling
  • To help students by giving them information regarding the requirements for admission in each and every college all over India
  • To help the students to know about coaching’s provided by all for each and every course associated with them so that it become effortless for them to find out what exactly they want

So we conclude that collegelink offer services to gratify each and every student and parents by providing them all the information concerning their future education. As it is playschool or it is any college they assist them in every step. Their main aim is to offer help so that all students should make a decision what is good and bad for them and can make a successful educational and career life.