Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls, Shanti Niketan, Delhi

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Street No. 2 Shanti Niketan, Delhi -110021
Pre Nursury to 12th Standard
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Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls established in 1987, is one of the many educational institutions which the Sadhu Vaswani Mission started all over India and aboard. It is a progressive school based on Indian thought, culture, tradition and the educational ideals of Sadhu Vaswani. This school, run by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, is a linguistic minority school.



The aim of our school is to impart integrated and comprehensive education which is formative and not merely informative. It lays emphasis on the full development of the student’s character and personality which should normally lead them to self-fulfillment and dedicate themselves to the service of the society. Students are placed in an atmosphere that enables them to develop reverence for all prophets, seers and sages, all the heroes of humanity, all races and religions. The school environment teachers them to understand the love of God and the essential unity of life.

Our school is a non-communal, non-sectarian institution which places emphasis on the permanent values of life as enunciated by ancient and modern thinkers.


To enable students imbibe values such as simplicity service, purity, prayer, compassion, character, courage and culture as envisioned by Sadhu Vaswani.

To enrich students with vital truths of modern life.

To prepare them for universal citizenship.

To inculcate love for Indian ideals & India’s culture.

To impart an education which is essential for India’s spiritual and political salvation.

To revere all life, animate and inanimate.

To promote girls’ education.


To spread the universal message of brotherhood, unity and harmony.

To promote indian cultural and spiritual development through character building, social service and living for others.

To promote the growth and teaching of sindhi language and literature.

To emphasise knowledge nourished in an atmosphere of simplicity and service, purity and prayer.



»Reverence for All Life.

»Reverence for the Spirit of Education.

»Love for Nature.

»Character Building.

»Spiritual Unfolding.

»Love for Indian Ideals.

»Living for Others.

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